Pop! Star Wars Vaulted Edition: Star Wars Jedi Luke Skywalker

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Brand: Funko


  • Jedi Luke will use the force to protect your desk
  • Use the force to pick up this Jedi Luke Skywalker Pop Vinyl bobble head!
  • Luke Skywalker is adorable, but ready to take on anyone from the Dark Side!
  • Luke Skywalker's head bobbles!
  • Special ultra-limited Reissue Vaulted Packaging

Publisher: Funko

Details: Pop! Star Wars Vaulted Can't get enough Star Wars? Neither can we! Coming back in an ultra-limited way, Star Wars vaulted Pops. Did you miss the chance to collect all the Star Wars Pops before they were gone? Here is your chance to collect them all! In celebration of the new movie, we will be re-releasing one previously vaulted Star Wars Pop per month until the new items release this fall. These will come in special edition packaging that distinguishes them from the original items. Jedi Luke Skywalker is the first Pop! to make it's return from a galaxy far, far away! Jedi Luke Skywalker will be available to pre-order this month only and will be extremely limited in it's run. Order now and begin completing your Star Wars Pop! collection before Episode 7!

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